Prangins Castle – A Swiss Castle in front of Lake Geneva

Prangins Castle: A Swiss castle with great view of Lake Geneva

Prangins Castle Kitchen GardenThe Castle of Prangins is a magnificent place with a view of Lake Geneva. The tranquillity of the surroundings and the beautiful landscape of the Lake Leman, or also known as Lake Geneva, help people to find a profound and special place in Switzerland to enjoy little moments of peace and comfort.

The Castle of Prangins is one of the largest buildings built in the 18th century in Switzerland. The castle has a classical style from the Age of Enlightenment and is completely open for public to see it. It also includes the Swiss National Museum since 1998 that exhibits mainly Swiss culture and history.Prangins Castle Switzerland

This castle also has its own park and a kitchen garden known as the largest in Switzerland. Visitors are not only welcomed to visit indoors, but also this beautiful park known as the “Walk of the Lights”. Both of the mentioned earlier are free of charge and great to take pictures in. The kitchen garden grows fruits and vegetables which are utilized in the menu in the Castle’s Cafeteria.

The tickets are sold for CHF 10.- and there are special prices for the senior citizens, students and the armed forces. The entrance for children under 16 are free. There is also an option of shopping an annual pass for frequent visitors.