Elsa Fuger – Fribourg

Swiss mexican sommeliere, based in Fribourg, Switzerland. 


Elsa FugerBorn in Mexico City, lived in different cities in the World and based in Switzerland since 2002. I speak 5 languages due the different countries where I lived and by nature I speak the language of the wine. Being a wine expert is a live decision, a part of your life to be amazed by the culture of the wine. I made also my studies in different Universities and I love to learn about the view and philosophie of other. I have been participate as wine judge in the best wine awards in the world. Always keep tasting and learning because wine is never enough!




“My heart drinks WINE

For me, wine is a pure human expression of passion and culture. It is so enriching to drink a glass of wine and travel around the world with history, tasting the land of each small parcel, what the earth wants to express with the handiwork of the human. Always drink in moderation, because wine is to be enjoyed with a clear conscience.



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