Esplanade Gitana à Bellevue, Genève

Vue sur l’esplanade Gitana à Bellevue. Au fond on vois les drapeaux de Bellevue et Genève et le jet d’eau.                               Photo: Paula Dias Leite

If you visit L’Esplanade Gitana, Bellevue today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was actually first built in 1937, but the latest renovation work have given it a fresh look that measures up again to Bellevue’s community style. May 4th marked the Esplanade’s grand reopening and the start of a new era for the region.

It all started in 1937 when Mr Sam Guichard became the “la maison de Port-Gitana” owner. As mentioned in the 1962 Carrefour show “It became a place for artistic amusement, whose popularity continues to grow”.

Mme Guichard avec son chien et un bébé cygne dans les bras est à Port Gitana. Photo publiée le 31 août 1951, Tribune de Genève pour l’article intitulé « Des comédiens, des enfants et même des bêtes ».

In harmony with nature, l’esplanade Gitana has always welcomed families of all kinds. In 1951, the Tribune the Geneva featured Mme Guichard bathing with a baby swan at Port-Gitana in an article entitled “Comedians, children and even animals ».

In 1977, “la maison de Port-Gitana” was demolished leaving room for a building still standing today and hosting Port-Gitana restaurant. From then on, the parcel, belonging to the State, is transformed into a public park overlooking the esplanade with views of the Mont Blanc and the Jet d’au.

Vue sur le Mont Blanc à l’esplanade Gitana, Bellevue, Genève. Photo: Paula Dias Leite

In a family environment setting, the newly reopened Gitana Esplanade and the Bellevue community is promising to bring together a summer of joy and fun to the region and its surroundings.