Tamara Boschung, Genève

Tamara Boschung, Genève, DAS Unige 2016.v2Meet Tamara Boschung

Tamara Boschung is a passionate, experienced and versatile marketing and digital communications professional in both multinational commercial environments and within the NGO field. She has a particular passion for planning, designing and coordinating complex projects and multiple tasks with an eye and focus on meeting tight deadlines. She works and lives in Geneva.

Her present and her future

On leaving Procter & Gamble in 2015, Tamara decided that her future career should lie in digital communications. She therefore pursued a qualification in this area and is currently in the final stages of her Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communications, Web Expertise and Social Media  from the University of GenevaWithin these studies she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and all the latest trends in online communications. In today’s constantly changing environment, this would be a real advantage for any potential employer.

If you want to see an example of her Google referencing work, please see the link: Les Pierres du Niton, lac Léman, Genève 

At the moment Tamara Boschung is doing an internship in a digital communications agency blue-infinity in Geneva. It is a very rewarding experience that allows her to apply her newly acquired knowledge and learn more from the best.

Tamara thrives in an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment and needs to have opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Tamara is now seeking a stimulating job opportunity that will enable her to apply and further develop her skills.

Her main achievements and her competencies so far

Throughout her career Tamara Boschung worked mostly in international and multicultural environments where the key to success has come down to excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and agility in adapting those to the different, multi-disciplinary stakeholders at all levels within the organization and with the external agency partners.

During her 16 years long experience at Procter & Gamble she worked in a variety of marketing and product design and management roles. A part of her main achievements are execution of consumer research studies, creation and maintenance of intranet websites and site content, internal communications creation, packaging design execution and delivery on shelf, brand identity guardian, set-up and management of site facilities, development of strong relationship with external and internal partners. She also successfully participated in many internal and corporate communications projects, including website content creation and management, as well as leading the creation of an internal services website amongst many other projects in these areas.

Tamara’s positive and calm attitude and can-do and result focused approach made her a valued team member.

And her past

Tamara was a medical student, a nurse, an interpreter, receptionist, HR assistant, Facilities Manager, Market Researcher, Packaging Design Delivery Expert…

Her career at Procter & Gamble European headquarters in Geneva started off working in Human Resources on the administration of work permits and employee relocations. She quickly moved on to Facilities management and successfully led the set up and daily management of the move database, building capacity planning and Facilities Services website. Once the set-up of the headquarters and the 1500 employee moves were done, she moved on to a project coordination role in Facilities team. This is were she was responsible for managing all aspects of facilities services for several buildings in a Procter & Gamble campus in Geneva. These included the Company Shop, parking, bus passes, issuing of badges, managing special events, Conference Center, cleaning, Shipping and Receiving, Catering, and Facilities Helpdesk. She also led up the set up of all these services for a new P&G building.

Her following assignment took her to being responsible for consumer research coordination and execution, initiative in-market tracking, and budget management (including savings) across the snacks and pet care key global brands Pringles, Iams, and Eukanuba. She designed and executed small studies with excellence and on time, including data analyses and summaries. Also, she owned in-market initiative performance tracking, consolidating data from different sources to pull together a holistic picture and allow prompt marketing response to initiative performance in market.

In her next assignment she was responsible for delivering winning product packaging artwork design on a complex portfolio of key brands (incl. Vicks, Always, Discreet, Naturella, Bonux, Myth, Gala), from original idea to delivery on shelf. She brought about improvements and simplification in the artwork design process, which have been recognized by the management, she facilitated and influenced priority setting across the different brands to ensure timely execution. Also, she established and continued to maintain strong collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners, including agencies (design agencies, production agencies, separators, printers), helping to drive quality, rigor and scale in the package execution process. Tamara designed and delivered training sessions to the multi-disciplinary teams on various topics, including new processes and roles and responsibilities.

Tamara owned Brand Identity and Equity standards across P&G brands, established and deployed best practices for actionable and relevant brand and promotional guidelines.

Tamara Boschung is completely proficient in English, French, Spanish and Serbo-Croat.

She would like to say special thanks to her Geneva University teachers and inspirational speakers for contaminating her with their digital passion:

Her precious colleagues and support during this amazing back-to-school year were: