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Emilie Morton-Procnard, Geneva. Photo by John-Archer Morton. Lyon 2015.

Emilie is a 38 year old investment professional. She was born in Lyon, France, and then spent several years in Italy before settling in Switzerland. She currently works and lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Emilie is an Investment Advisor at UBS Wealth Management, the world’s leading wealth manager. UBS Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial services to individuals in over 40 countries.
In 2017, UBS has regained Euromoney’s “Best Global Private Bank” title. What Emilie likes most in her job are the connections she builds with both her clients and her colleagues and its intrinsic relation with the economy and world politics.

Prior to working at UBS, she worked one year at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – EPFL, as a Scientific Assistant. In that capacity, she assisted Prof. Dr. Christopher L. Tucci in the creation of the College of Management of Technology. Prof. Tucci was an extraordinary mentor who inspired all the people around him to give their best. 


Emilie holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Lausanne with a specialization in International Relations. Her Master’s thesis was on Henry Kissinger‘s policy in the Middle East.
She’s also a Certified Wealth Management AdvisorCWMA. This certificate is strongly recommended to its member institutions by the Swiss Bankers Association.
She’s currently doing a Diploma of Advanced Studies – DAS, in Digital Communication, Web Expertise and Social Networks at the University of Geneva.

Work Smarter

She was raised by a working mom who personified the happy, passionate and hard working executive woman and who taught her by example that one should thrive at work in order to excel.

Her parents owned a wellness/beauty farm in Italy. They instilled in her strong principles on how to lead a healthy and balanced life. Although she embraced a career in finance, she remained passionate about topics related to well-being and particularly on its implications on one’s ability to perform on a professional level. She’s a ferocious reader and an insatiable answer seeker. Through her readings and her interactions with experts from several fields (sleep, nutrition, neurosciences, psychology, exercise), she compiled a massive amount of knowledge around health and performance.

Having observed the stress and burn-out epidemic in today’s professional environment and its impact on people’s ability to perform, she decided to create a platform where individuals from any professional background can find advices on how to improve both well-being and performance.

Work Smarter is a place where she can introduce all the experts that have guided her throughout her life to a wider audience, the Smarties. It’s also a place where readers can share their thoughts and experiences. Emilie is committed to take a curious, unbiased and open-minded approach.


When not at work, Emilie likes to take long walks with her two basenjis and spend countless hours with her girlfriends, chatting, enjoying good food and red wine. She also likes to travel and….TV news channels.

Lastly, the ancient philosophy of Stoicism is very present in her life. It helps her live a good life. Ohhhh…..and she’s a book addict. She never leaves home without a book or her Kindle in her handbag.


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